Hey ya’ll, well I got lots of updates…
First of all, some of u have noticed that Icy hasnt been on much… thats because he has (RE) discovered the amazing world of Runescape. lolz soo yea, if ya wanna see him on Runescape sometime, find Nemo1234849. lol

Second, another reason Icy hasnt been on much is cause he has been sick.  He went to the doc yesturday and was diagnosed with having Bronchitis.  Either that, or athzma… we are hoping for the first.  lolz…

Third, this one relates to the title of the post, we are switiching internet services tomarrow (January 14th) and might not be back on until about 2 weeks.  

Fourth, The semester ends this upcoming week! (IM SO EXCITED! IM FINALLY OUT OF MY CLASSES! lol) So yea, I start all of my hardest classes next semester and I have exams for the next four days after tomarrow… lots of studing left to do.

So yea, lots of stuff going on… I hope to be back pretty soon.