I am the only one she told her plans to (i think) about quitting! ok here i go! 1st-she will shut her sites down(being done as we speak) 2nd-She will delete her youtube accounts,3rd she will quit everyones sites,4th-she gives her penguins away(already assigned to people),5th-says goodbye to all friends,and 6th-quits CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And i know i will take it very hard because slip has alway been there for me! She takes care of me and tells me advice,  she just is such a great friend! No one will ever replace her!  I will always be her friend and she will always be my friend no matter what!  I will still get in touch with her so i will tell you what she says! i just cant believe after so many good times it all comes to an end! It is like losing your pet or family member! She is like my sister! and i will always love her! and her bro icy can be a cool person but also weird and silly! and i know if she quits he will to! he is a great friend and like a bro to me! LOVE YOU GUYS I WILL MISS YA  WHEN YOU QUIT!

~Eagles Fly South For Winter~