Hey guys source here! Screenhog finally posted! They are really doing a good job with Happy77 and Screenhog posting for once. Screenhog wants revenge! LOL! So heres a look at a summary of what Screen posted to make club penguin items

Step 1: Decide. Usually, items are related to what events are happening that month, or where it will be used (like the costumes in the Costume Trunk).

Step 2: Design it. A rough drawing is made of what we think the item should look like (in this case, a tuba).
Step 3: A final drawing is made. This is a clean-up of the rough drawing, with detail, color, and shading added. The icon is also made (this is the drawing of the item that’s in your inventory).

Step 4: The clothing item is then made in 3D.

Finally, it’s done!
Alright guys, Look! It’s not as easy as they are making it look. Theres alot more techinical stuff in this that they wont tell us cause we are “little kids” What do you think? In my opinion this is a waste of a post