Post from my site, by Mowloft. 🙂

Hi everyone. I wanted to wish you all a April Fools day! And good news MOWLOFT IS UNBANNED!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY! April Fools though I wish it wasn’t :(   Well Club Penguin is having their Party today. Some rooms have a special teleport box which brings you to another room! But the coolest is how you can go to the box world! First buy the portal box at the box store.untitled Now set it in your igloo and walk over it. The box world is members only so I had to use my friends penguin. Anyway here it is.untitled1 Cool huh? Well I’m hoping to get Mowloft back today or tomorrow but I want to go to the party!!! The free item is down at the mine. They brought back the Blue propeller hat. Do you think we can go to the box world after the party is over and you have the box? Tell me what you think!